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Thanks for stopping by. Here you find examples of my instrumental music available on Spotify and other digital places. The music is meant to encourage and give hope. Below you’ll find is some background information about the musical pieces.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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About the music

Waiting for morning
(single, piano and synths)
Released Feb 11 2021
This piece is dedicated to my dear mother Siw on her 75th birthday. A few months ago I read a very warm and captivating book called ’Waiting for morning’ by Karen Kingsbury. The title and and the story stuck with me and inspired me to try to write some music, and so I did. I can really recommend the book. And thank you Mom for everything! Thank you for always being there for me and my family. I love you. God bless you.

Photo by Paul Astrom

(single, solo piano)
Released Jan 2021
Most of us long for peace on Earth. Or, at least in our country. And then of course, most of us want to live in a peaceful neighbourhood, even if some of us want more action than others. But how about peace in your heart and in you soul? Is it possible? What do you think? I believe it is.

Photo by Paul Astrom

Share your blessings
(single, solo piano)
Released Jan 2021
We all have gifts that we’ve been blessed with; some are strong, some are rich, some are good at teaching, baking, carpenting or maths, others have easy to connect with different people, some are patient and kind – you get the idea. And we all need somebody else in different situations. So make sure to use your gifts and your talents, it can really make all the difference for someone – a friend or somebody you don’t know. Share your blessings. And if you like, this can also be said as prayer: Share Your blessings

Photo by Harriet Andersson

I believe
(single, instrumental featuring Bernt Lysell on violin)
Released Dec 2020
Some years ago, I saw an ad in a newspaper, where a person searched for someone who would write music to her lyrics. I answered, got a few sheets of lyrics and started to write music. One of the melodies I wrote was the main theme of this track. I wrote the mid part a few years later. Bernt came to the house of a friend of mine, where we recorded the violin, and as you might be able to hear, Bernt had a bit of a cold. The melody was inspired by the lyrics, but it is dedicated to my father Leo, who died for thirty years ago on the day the track was released. He was a very good man and a wonderful father.

Photo by Paul Astrom (Thanks again, Bro!)

The Glory of Your Name
(single, piano and synths)
Released Nov 2020
I wrote this melody some years ago, and I have done different demos of it; different solo piano versions, an ’orchestra’ version, one where an acoustic guitar plays the melody, and I might have forgotten some as well. Anyways, this is the version I finally decided to release and I hope you like it. It is essentially a prayer.

If I stumble if I fall
(single, solo piano)
Released Oct 2020
This short piece is pretty much an improvisation. I sat at the piano and wanted to play something with a felt piano, which I had noticed (fairly late, I guess) was quite popular among pianists. So I found a sound that I liked, pressed record and started to play. None of us is perfect (and neither is the recording), and we don’t have to be, but when we stumble or when we fall, there is grace.

(single, solo piano)
Released Sept 2020
This piece was first written as an instrumental. Later on, I added lyrics and the song was recorded by Jessie with strings by Norrlandsoperan Symphony  Orchestra, arranged by Andreas Kinger and conducted by Hans Ek. I’ve always wanted to record it as a solo piano piece, and so I did in the end of the summer of 2020. This track is dedicated to my beautiful wife Johanna.


We will meet again
(single, piano and synths)
Released June 2020
During Covid-19, Tony Guerrero posted on Facebook and asked for musicians who would write a piece of music and was willing to participate in a charity project related to the ongoing pandemic. So I wrote this piece and it ended up on the album together with 27 other songs! Check out the album – there are a lot of different genres represented on it. Every penny earned from the album goes to Nurses House, which is an American organization dedicated to helping registered nurses in need. As I wrote the melody, I pictured an ice skating pair slowly skating together – without social distancing.

When (Piano and Orchestra)
(single, piano with orchestra)
Released March 2020
Orchestral version of ’When’ recorded with Norrlandsoperans Symfony Orchestra together with my very good and talented friend Andreas Kinger who orchestrated the strings. Hans Ek conducted. I’ll always remember those days in Umeå when this piece and a few other were recorded for an album with Jessie. Recording this specific track was a fantastic experience, playing on a very fine grand piano, sitting next to the amazing orchestra and a very talented and experienced conductor. Sweet! The cover photo (like several of the others) is by my brother Paul.

Beyond the horizon
(single, piano, cello, violin and synths)
Released February 2020
Gudrun, my amazing mother in law, had a special birthday coming up, and asked if I could write a piece for cello for her to play on. So I did. We recorded the piano, cello and violin (played by the great Bernt Lysell) in Gudrun’s home one Saturday morning, and then I added some synths. The track is a reflection of Gudruns ambition to always go the extra mile for her family and friends, but also about our shared belief; that there is hope beyond the horizon. Gudrun took the cover photo when she and her husband visited Antarctica in 2019.

2019 Sept: Short clip of ’You are special’. Recorded at my concert in Sollentuna, Sweden.

Pieces of Peace – solo piano vol 2
(album, solo piano)
Released February 2019
There are three piano pieces on this album:
1 Winter Waltz
One winter day I placed my piano in front of a window. It was a very snowy day, and as I played, the snow flakes sometimes came in plentiful and sometimes there were just a few flakes that danced around in the wind on their way to the ground. And there were moments where just a single silvery snow flake fell through the air. It can be the same with us, can’t it? Sometimes we feel as we’re just a nobody in a big crowd of people and sometimes we’re happy together with friends and loved ones. And then there are days when we just feel empty and alone.
2 You Are Special
I wanted to write some kind of study/concentration music, and when I sat at the piano, very quickly the melody came to me. I am not sure if the piece can be used for what it was supposed to be used for, but, hopefully it can bring some peace of mind. During the process of creating the album, I sometimes listened to the track as I took the bus or train to or from my work in Stockholm. And as I did, I watched people moving in their cars, on the sidewalks or on the train stations. Very few looked happy. Instead, many looked stressed out, tired, sad or lonely. And I remember thinking that each one of them need to hear that they are valuable, loved and special.
3 Never Alone
This is yet another piece meant to give hope. I wrote it many years ago. It’s a short and simple melody, and it has a harmonic twist that makes the theme end in a higher key than it started in. We all go through episodes in our life that affects us in a way we never planned for. But there is hope, because we are never alone.

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Pieces of Peace – solo piano vol 1
(album, solo piano)
Released July 2018
This is my first album. It is themed on Psalm 23 and consists of three pieces:
1 When
One of my favourite piano pieces I’ve written. I wrote it many years ago and I have played it in many different situations; gigs, church services and funerals. The original title was ’When will I see Jesus’, but at some point I got to shy to call it that, so I just called it ’When’. 
2 The Comforter
This piece was originally called ’Love me when I least deserve it’, but not knowing that, my wife one day said that she thought is should be called ’The Comforter’. And so it was.
3 In Green Pastures
Growing up, I often heard hymns of different sorts. I am not sure if I always liked them all, but I have grown to appreciate those kind of melodies more and more over the years. So, I have written a few pieces that I consider to be hymns, although most of them are without lyrics, such as this one. This is also a piece that I have played on funerals.

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A New Day
(single, solo piano)
Released in early 2018)
My first single as a solo artist. This version is a bit shorter than I usually play it. I have played it on quite a few funerals now, and the purpose of the piece is to give hope for a new day.

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Gift of Love
(from the album ’En jul att minnas’)
Released 2012
This is an instrumental piece featuring Jan Holmgren on oboe. The track was on a Christmas album that my wife Johanna and I recorded in 2012. Looking back we are so happy and thankful that we were able to record the album. The piece is also on my YouTube channel Instrumental pieces.

As a little extra, I’d like to share a lullaby that I wrote back in 2012, which is also on our Christmas album. It’s a bit jazzy and I love the way Johanna sings it.

Finally, thank you for taking the time to listen to my music. No matter what your day and life looks like or feels like, I wish you hope and peace.

Psalm 71:5